Sales broker

In order to sell your house on Curacao successfully and at the best price, you need to hire the services of sales broker. You don’t just sell a house – it is an important decision that involves quite a lot. So much that it is wise to outsource this to a professional who defends your interests: your sales broker.

What is a sales broker?

The sales broker mediates during the sale of a home or other real estate and advises the seller on all aspects of the sale with the aim of achieving the best result. He defends the interests of the selling party. As a seller, you are not required to engage a sales broker, but it is advisable to enlist help for the sale of your property. Sales broker are in about 90% of all successful sales of real estate.

Of course, you need to remunerate the broker for his services, but in most cases you ultimately save a lot of money, time and energy. Because of the many years of experience sales brokers have built up, they see through the market quickly and know it as the inside of their coat. Sales brokers are able to set a fair asking price for the property, are experts in negotiating and have knowledge of the applicable legal and rules in Curacao.

What can we do for you?

Sun Life Real Estate provides entire guidance during the sales process. This starts with an introductory meeting. During this meeting, we explain step by step how we will realize the sale of your property or other real estate on Curacao. One of the most important aspects is determining the right asking price – an asking price that is too high almost never attracts the right prospective buyer; candidates who expect something completely different from what is offered to them and which will ultimately lead to a negative result in most cases. So, if the asking price is too high, it will take much longer to find a buyer. Thanks to more than a decade of experience in the industry, we can tell you exactly what the asking price should be. As a seller you of course always have the last word, but it is advisable to follow the objective advice of the sales broker. Your sales broker looks at cadastral data, legal aspects, key figures and other features such as expansion possibilities and will take all of this into account.

The sales broker then suitably presents your home to the market on various local and international real estate sites, social media networks and offline media. Interested parties can then request more information or a viewing. Once a bid is made, the negotiations start. In practice, this often proves to be a stumbling block and here a good broker can make the difference between a sale and a non-sale and thousands of guilders. A broker, unlike an owner, is not emotionally involved in the transaction and as a result tends to reach a positive outcome. Upon agreement on the price and other conditions, your broker will prepare the provisional purchase agreement for the sale of your property. As soon as the provisional purchase agreement has been signed by the buyer and seller, the broker ensures that the notary is provided with the correct documents and information so that the final transfer of title can take place.