You want to sell your house or business property on Curacao, but you do not want this known to the general public? Consider putting it on the market as a “whisper listing”.

A silent sale or so called “whisper listing” ensures that your home cannot be viewed by just anyone. A whisper listing will only generate requests from people who have a real interest in your home or business property and who are willing to make a serious offer.

Why should you consider a whisper listing?

Various situations are conceivable in which you do not want to make it publicly known that your home or commercial property is on sale. Consider, for example, the fact that you simply do not want to show your home to the general public for privacy or security reasons, or that you simply do not want everyone to know that your home is for sale. It may also be possible that you want more time to sell, that you have already found an interested potential buyer or that you only want to sell under certain conditions. For businesses, continuity often plays a role. The sale of your property raises questions with your customers and as a result cooperation and contracts with your company is sometimes reconsidered.

If you do not want to make a big deal out of the sale of your home or commercial property on Curacao, then a silent sale or whisper listing is definitely an option for you. This means there will be no “for sale” sign at your house or business premises and you decide which websites and social media networks you want it to appear on. This way, you can appeal to a less broad, but just as interested target group.

This is how a “silent sale” works:

  • We will visit you to register your property and give you a suggested sales price
  • You will receive a registration report which, among other things, includes the value determination
  • You are assigned a permanent contact person (your broker) who will guide you throughout the entire sales period
  • Your broker provides guided tours for interested parties
  • Your broker represents you during the negotiations
  • Your broker takes care of the purchase agreement when the sale is imminent